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National Safety Day / Week 2018

National Safety Day / Week 2018

Yes!! National Safety Day/Week is coming up and many safety experts are excited to share their safety awareness expertise across the Country!! Are you too eager to know about it? Then let’s just have a quick look on what is National Safety Day and how India celebrates this Occasion.

National Safety Day is organized by the National Safety Council of India, a non-profit and a non-governmental Organization and was established in the year 1966. It is celebrated on March 4th of every year in many Governmental and Non-governmental Organizations and the entire week is dedicated to celebrate based on the Safety theme. This movement was launched in the year 1972. The  main motive of the campaigns across the nation is to increase the safety awareness among people.

National Safety Day Theme for 2018:

Each year, this campaign is celebrated with a Theme. Last year, the theme was ‘Keep Everyone Safe’, and this year the theme is,

Reinforce Positive Behavior at the Workplace to Achieve Safety and Health Goals


The main objective of the National Safety Day is to improve the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) awareness in as many parts of the nation among People, and to increase the Safety alertness of employees and employers to ensure a safe workplace.

By celebrating this event, People get to know more about the safety rules and regulations that are created by the Government on Health and Environmental concerns. Meanwhile, this opportunity educates the unfamiliar people to get to know about all the possible safety principles and the importance of Health and Safety in their daily work-basis.

Activities and Events:

With regard to the Celebration, each year many activities are carried out on the National Safety Day/Week at workplaces to raise the alertness and improve the degree of safety in the society. To name few,
  • Safety exhibitions
  • Promoting Posters and Banners about Safety
  • Carrying out Training Programs, Workshops, etc.
  • Rehearsing safety pledges by the students
  • Regulating emergency drills
  • Conducting Competitions on Safety like speeches,Essays, Slogans, Safety Performance
  • Organizing Community Awareness Programs,
  • Many other motivating safety activities.

Have you ever participated in such events? Does your crew is prepared for it? Will you enlighten more number of People this time to stay aware of safety hazards? Then Let us take this wonderful opportunity to encourage people about the significance of Safety; and develop Safety as our first priority in every work we do; most importantly to make sure that we and our Environment stay safe.

Safety Courses, Training & Services:

According to a recent article Published by The Times of India  an international report says “In India almost 48,000 workers die due to occupational accidents, out of which the construction sectors are responsible for 24.20% of the mortalities.”

Does your heart pounds on the number of accidents and the life losses that occur each year? Even one single loss of life can affect the entire family and these occupational safety calamities can cause ineffable damage to the industrial properties. So how these safety accidents at workplace can be avoided? With keeping this on mind, anyone can improve the state of safety in his work environment if gets well-trained on Occupational Safety and by making sure his Work environment is Safer and free from dangers.

With precise knowledge on Occupational Safety, experts can carry out the statutory requirements of an organization to ensure a safe workstation. NIST a Safety Giant in India, offers excellent International Safety Training, Corporate Training, Auditing, Consulting, Recruitment & Staffing Services and creates Safer Work Culture.

A Safe individual protects a Family. A Safe Family will make a Safe Surrounding. Many such Surrounding will turn into a Safe Nation one day! So step forward to become a safety proficient with right acquaintance on safety, protect our (work) environment and preserve harmony of our nation as a better place to live in.

NIST wishes you to Practice and Contribute to Safety at Workplace and Achieve the Safety & Health Goals keeping up Safety as a Priority!

What is Fire Safety Training?

What is Fire Safety Training?

Fire Safety Training is one of the health and safety courses, which prepares candidates to understand the sources of fire hazards, learn the preventive measures, how to act on fire incidents/accidents and the related topics. It includes the practical training section, which helps the candidates to get a real-time experience on responding to fire incidents. After the completion of the training, candidates can work in organisations as a Fire Safety Representative/Officer with the responsibility of protecting people from injuries, preventing fatalities and securing the properties as well.

The International organisations such as NEBOSH, IOSH and British Safety Council are providing course certifications related to Health and Safety. Across the world, safety course providers are conducting courses to train candidates to get certified from these organisations. The course on Fire Safety Training is delivered in different forms according to the requirements of candidates and organisations. Fire safety, Fire-fightingtraining, Fire Warden Marshal and Mock Drill are some of the courses offered by leading safety course providers of India.

Why Health and Safety is important in the Workplace

Why Health and Safety is important in the Workplace

Today’s world is changing with high rate in all the spheres. Industries are using new machineries, new substances and new methods with advanced technologies in order to lessen the human efforts and improve the productivity. On the top of all, Japan has tested the high speed magnetic levitation train positively at 374 mph to ease the transportation.  When manufacturing sector is concerned, a new welding process has been invented to join two high strength metals very quickly without melting the materials. At the same time, the technologies and machineries are being too intricate and needs higher order expertise to handle. The negligence results in unexpected occupational diseases and accidents due to poor response to the sudden events and the insufficient working procedures. Now a days, the health and safety of the employees are being highlighted by experts in everywhere as it impacts the social and financial aspects of the organization.

Purpose of health and safety
·     The reputation of the organization depends on the efforts put forth to create a health and safety environment in their premises.
·       Increase in productivity due to sustained work capacity of the employees.
·     The loyalty among employees could be achieved when the measures are taken to prevent work related illness and accidents.
·       Safety professionals identify the emerging risks due to the substances or work processes in line with the continuous changes in the working environment.
·      Create safety awareness and implementation of the safety procedures in the working place.

Need for Health & Safety
Recent workplace health surveys show that the employees are normally suffered by five major concerns in the workplace. They are mental health problems such as anxiety, stress &depression, long term sickness, musculoskeletal disorders, poor work-life balance and poor work practices. In addition to that there are other problems such as working overtime, monotony, fatigue, tiredness which lead to health and safety issues in the workplace. These problems upshot in absenteeism among employees and reduce cost-benefit of the organization. That’s why health and safety is being the inevitable point of focus by the organizations than ever before.

Why accidents in Workplace
As far as accidents are concerned in the workplace, experts say that 80% of the accidents are happening only by the fault of the person working in the spot. Furthermore, one-third of the accidents happen due to the usage of hazardous equipments like hand-lift trucks, gears and pulleys, saws and handrails, electric drop lights, etc. Being lethargic while working, poor knowledge of the working environment, poor housekeeping, neglecting safety procedures, unsafe situational and climatic changes, poor attitude of the employees are the other causes for the accidents.

Prevention Strategies
A well- known writer, Mark Twain said “It is better to be careful 100 times to be careful than get killed once”
·   Systematic training provided to the employees will assist the employees to avoid the musculoskeletal problems by keeping good ergonometric methods.
·   Employees are needed to have special training to use the tools and equipments, to implement best work-practices, and to be equipped with machine controls. This will be supportive to prevent workplace injuries and avoid risks.
·      Specialized training programs have to be arranged to learn the emergency procedures and learn first aid training to respond in the emergency situations.

Contribution of Health and Safety providers
Health and safety professionals are being the nerve system of the organizations with aim of protecting employees and preventing accidents in the work premises. They serve as major contributors towards the productivity of the company and increase the cost benefit to the organization. The reputed safety providers produce well-qualified and competent safety professionals for occupational health and safety. They are offering variety of fundamental and tailor-made training programs as per the requirements of the industry.

NIST, the leading health and safety provider in India, has been serving to the safety sector with the motto of ‘we contribute to safety’ since 2008.
NIST’s presence in OSH @ Mumbai

NIST’s presence in OSH @ Mumbai

NIST successfully took part in another OSH event this November at CIDCO Exhibition Center, Navi Mumbai, organized by UBM. With each year NIST’s popularity grows amongst the safety seekers. Yes! At the OSH event held on 10th and 11th of November, this year, NIST was approached with lot enquires from professionals and individuals who are keen about workplace health and safety.
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How Sleep Deprivation affects your lifestyle

How Sleep Deprivation affects your lifestyle

Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on our concentration, work performance, safety, health and quality of life. Fatal and serious injuries have happened to many individuals who were behind the wheels, due to ramming of their vehicles in  freeways, motorways and national high ways across the globe with the blink of their eyes due to lack of sleep.

When it comes to our safety at work or anywhere else, lack of sleep can increase the likelihood of accidents and near misses. Statistics show that 40% of our workforce is sleep deprived to some reasons. Here are some of the identified concerns:

Irritability – negative emotions and lack of sleep go hand in hand. Inability to learn Lack of sleep affects the brains ability to remember and retrieve information, both long term and short term. Poorer vision – The longer a person is awake, the more visually impaired they become. Slower reflexes – Sleep studies points the finger towards slower reflexes.  Distractedness – The ability to focus requires a person be fully rested. Sloppiness – One sleepless night contributes to nearly 25% increase in the number of errors made by artisans.

Sleep Deprivation and Safety

The staff will be under pressure to complete certain tasks and when it does not happen, they tend to work beyond the normal working hours and it may even stretch late in the night even. When analysing details about overrun of project estimates, it is found that the amount of extra time and payment received by employees is more than the anticipated budget values. How can this be the case if everything goes normal? This happens due to excessive working hours consumed and this is taken only from the normal sleeping or rest hours depriving the employees of proper sleep. Such situations do cause sleep deprivation and this can trigger safe employee to become an unsafe employee.

Benefits of Good Sleep

The health benefits of good sleep are important and beneficial. Some of the points written below should motivate employees to get more sleep. Benefits of a good night’s sleep include:

Longevity of life – Although researchers are not sure why, people who sleep at least eight hours tend to outlive those who regularly get less sleep then eight hours Your immune system works better Earlier studies with sleep deprivation indicates about development of diseases like obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Good sleep helps sustain the functioning of the immune system and that chronic sleep loss is a risk factor for immune system impairment. You feel better – When you have had enough sleep, you tend to feel better emotionally and physically. Just as not getting enough sleep creates a lot of health and safety issues, getting enough sleep is essential for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

It is also mandated by ILO that basic amenities for the comfort of the employees shall be provided by the employer. Only then, the management can get a satisfactory output from the workers and also the management can overcome the laxity by the employees under the pretext of no availability of comfort measures in their work site for a healthy state of mind.

Employers who care about their employees’ health and wellbeing can enjoy the benefits of workers taking ill and a few absenteeism leading to higher morale and productivity. Getting proper sleep is a very significant factor for enhancing the morale of the employees.

No Replacement for Sleep”

Every time you provoke sleep deprivation, you are inducing mental, emotional and physical fatigue to the human body through your sleep starved brain. It can lead to problems while performing day-to-day activities and the acts can become erroneous and inconsistent. Hence it is imperative to catch up on sleep at some point in time. Here are some tips for getting a good nights sleep:

Don’t change your sleep on weekends – maintain your weekday sleep schedules. Your body gets used to this sleep cycle soaking in a hot tub or reading a book before retiring can greatly improve the quality of sleep one gets. Make your bedroom sleep friendly – dark, quiet, comfortable and cool. No TV or electronics in bed - Watching television or working on a computer can impede your ability to relax and fall to sleep. Avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol before bedtime.

Just think that people who get enough sleep are significantly more productive than those who are deprived and they feel better. Finish eating at least two to three hours before your regular bedtime. Exercise regularly and complete your workout a few hours before bedtime.

As safety professionals, educate employees about sleep and get enough sleep yourself. You’ll feel better, look better and, most likely, be much more fun to be around and can carry out the works efficiently and enhance the reputation of your organisation by boosting production as well as earning a good name for you too. Be punctual, keep a routine habit and do not oversleep as well which also will adversely affect your health and work pattern.

Courtesy: Article written by
Mr Balakrishnan Nair