The National Examination Board in Occupational Safety and Health (NEBOSH) is a UK-based organization committed to provide globally recognised vocational qualifications in health, safety and environmental management. It was formed in 1979 as an awarding body with charitable status to cater the safety requirements of all places of work.
NEBOSH does not deliver courses themselves instead it develops only the syllabuses and sets methods of assessment for its range of qualifications from introductory to professional level. Courses leading to NEBOSH are delivered by NEBOSH Accredited Course Providers like NIST. Being the most preferred and trusted health and safety training institute, we maintain a
decade-long partnership with NEBOSH and highly successful in delivering their range of qualifications.

Why NEBOSH qualification is important for safety professionals?
In this digital era, demand for safety professionals has been increasing day-by-day throughout the world due to diversifying and challenging workplace conditions. To implement effective occupational health and safety practices in their workplace, one needs to attain a recognized safety qualification and certification from a reputed body like NEBOSH. In these days, employers across the world are keenly looking for NEBOSH certified candidates to ensure security and stability during the worst of the health and safety crisis. Holding an NEBOSH certification is not only benefit the individuals and but also for the employers to meet recognized standards, codes of practice and as well as guide to win new business.

What are the courses offered by NEBOSH?
NEBOSH courses are categorized into Award, Certificate and Diploma to satisfy the needs of people with different proficiency levels. In addition, it also offers a range of Masters Degrees in partnership with the University of Hull.



         NEBOSH Awards:

NEBOSH Award qualifications provide excellent foundation in basic health and safety practices and principles.
Examples of Award level qualifications:
2.      NEBOSH Environmental Awareness at Work Qualification
3.      NEBOSH Award in Safety, Health and Environment for the Process Industries

        NEBOSH Certificates:
NEBOSH Certificate qualifications provide comprehensive knowledge and skills in industry safety practices and principles on par with international standards.
Examples of Certificate level qualifications:
2.      NEBOSH National General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety
4.      NEBOSH International Certificate in Construction Health and Safety

        NEBOSH Diplomas:
NEBOSH Diploma qualifications provide high-level of technical knowledge and understanding in health and safety management.
Examples of Diploma level qualifications
1.      NEBOSH National Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
3.      NEBOSH International Diploma in Environmental Management
4.      NEBOSH Diploma in Environmental Management

        NEBOSH Masters:
NEBOSH Master Qualifications are specially designed for those who want to go beyond the level of NEBOSH Diploma qualifications.
Examples of Master level qualifications
1.      MSc* in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management
2.      MSc in Occupational Health and Safety Management
3.   MRes* in Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management
4.      MRes in Occupational Health and Safety Management

*Master of Science (MSc) * Master of Research (MRes)
At NIST, we offer courses like NEBOSH HSW, NEBOSH IGC, NEBOSH IDIP, and NEBOSH IOGC with a variety of flexible learning options.

What are the benefits of completing NEBOSH qualification?
·         Provide core health and safety knowledge for effortless execution of health and safety practices in diverse and challenging workplace
·         Assist in development of professional competence in order to meet business objectives, legal obligations and other requirements
·         Give international recognition with a mark of professionalism and ensure competitive edge in the international job market
·         Offer plenty of job opportunities with attractive salary packages in different types of organizations and sectors across the globe
·         Facilitate job security as there is growing demand of safety professional across the globe and never put you in lay-off state
·         Fulfil the academic requirements of IOSH membership criteria and help to avail membership like Technical (Tech IOSH) and Graduate (Grad IOSH)

International General Certificate (IGC) is a globally recognized qualification offered by NEBOSH. This qualification focuses on range of topics like international health and safety standards and priorities, ILO conventions & recommendation, common workplace hazards and its control measures to equip individuals in discharging organizational health and safety responsibilities in accordance with international standards. It also includes practical assessment to make the participants better positioned and stay positive in applying their knowledge and skills in complex work environment. Moreover, it provides a sound basis for progression to NEBOSH IDIP. 
Our institute, NIST, has successfully completed 550 batches of NEBOSH IGC and also obtained results that exceed the global average. If you want to pursue this course, then NIST is the ideal choice.

Who can take the NEBOSH International General Certificate?
Safety professionals and professionals across varied domains can take up this course for strong knowledge in health and safety practices. Besides professionals, this course is also suitable for those who wish to embark on a career in health and safety. This course has no prerequisites, and   also previous health and safety knowledge is not required for pursuing this course.

How NEBOSH IGC course is assessed?
In general, NEBOSH IGC course is assessed through written examination and a project (work related practical assessment). Each unit (i.e. IGC1, GC2) of IGC course is assessed by a
two-hour written examination. Candidates need to answer all the questions compulsory and answers written by the candidate are validated by external examiners appointed by NEBOSH.
Unit GC3 is basically a project of carrying out health and safety inspection in the candidate's own workplace. The project report must be submitted to the course provider within 14 working days from the start of the written examination. The validation of the project report is internally assessed by the course provider and externally moderated by NEBOSH.

NEBOSH International Diploma qualification is specially designed by a team of international OHS experts to demonstrate a strong commitment in the management of health and safety in the modern workplace. This qualification is broken down into four units to provide the specialist knowledge, understanding, and practical skills. Further, it develops professional competence to enhance students’ ability in managing risk and meeting business objectives, regulatory and other requirements. Being the leading qualification in the field of health and safety, it fulfills the academic requirements for Chartered Membership (CMIOSH) and aids to avail full Membership of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (MIIRSM). Upon successful completion, this qualification extends your academic achievement beyond the level of diploma by providing a sound basis for progression to an MSc or more specialist study.  
Majority of the candidates pursuing this course from NIST have benefitted to advance their career to the next level.   

Who can take the NEBOSH International Diploma?
This course is suitable for individuals wishing to undertake a career as a Safety and Health Practitioner or wanting a high level career in HSE management. It is also ideal for aspiring health and safety professionals seeking a successful long-term career in health and safety domain.
As there are no perquisites for pursuing this qualification however completion of NEBOSH IGC course or direct equivalent is strongly recommended before undertaking the International Diploma. This will give you a relevant background knowledge and good grip to understand the content of the diploma with ease. 

How NEBOSH International Diploma course is assessed?
As the International Diploma qualification is divided into four units, IA, IB and IC units are assessed individually by three-hour written examinations whereas Unit DNI is assessed by an 8,000-word work-based project.
Examination is conducted during January and July of every year for theory papers and Practical assignment (Unit DNI) can be submitted in any of 4 submission dates which would be in the month of February, May, August and November.

What if you can’t make it NEBOSH courses in your area?
In this case, you needn’t worry as you could opt for e-learning options. Our institute, NIST also provides NEBOSH IDIP and NEBOSH IGC through e-learning mode. Using this option, you can learn at your own pace.
Our e-learning portal is easy-to-use and loaded with lots of multimedia activities such as video, audio, quizzes, interactive PPTs etc. There are progress checks throughout the course to ensure whether the participants on the right track and regular mock exams will be conducted based on real workplace examples to measure the knowledge of the participants on the subject. Moreover, we will provide webinar trainings on timely basis through our highly qualified trainers to enhance the overall learning process.

Please note:
There is no specific prerequisite for availing e-learning option for IDIP course whereas IGC e-learning is available only for professionals having years of experience. Personnel who are having less experience or freshers can opt our class-room training for studying IGC course, as we have PAN INDIA presence across 11 major cities.