Food safety is a legal requirement for every organization

Food safety is a legal requirement for every organization. Providing unhealthy food, people attending social events getting affected by food poisoning by consuming the food offered or foreign bodies found in the food can prosecute a company’s business. It is mandatory that each and every staff involved in a food environment is trained in food safety and risks and serve healthy food. Good hygienic food and quality keeps an organization’s reputation high. Food handlers in food based business or industries should be supervised and commensurate with their work activity.

The responsibility to train and supervise requires appropriate resource and approach. Food safety training provided to the food handlers and professionals should link the training, knowledge and the practices relevant to what trainees do in their everyday job. This food safety training will directly assist companies in becoming more, efficient, get good company image, competitive, raise performance standards, staff retention and morale, production in safe food, complies with food legislation requirements and reduce wastage.

Training on HACCP principles to staffs will develop and maintenance the food businesses. HACCP is a documented food safety system that every company has their own HACCP documentation system to control safety as the product is manufactured. This system well fits with the modern techniques and it is totally based on assessing the integral hazards or risks and designing correct preventive control methods for a particular product.
NIST provides CIEH food safety certifications on catering, manufacturing, retailing, cleaning in food premises and HACCP principle certifications of various levels. Food safety training is essential to the commercial viability of a company as it supports great in their stature in the market. Food safety certifications and training will greatly eligible the profession in any food based industry and to maintain industry standards.
NIST Institute Pvt Ltd offers international certificates in food safety, HACCP and Lead auditor course programme for all aspiring food handlers, food safety professionals, food science professionals, food technologists and Internal Auditors. We are known for our exuberance training with skilled trainers for food safety training all over India. Contact us now to get enrolled for our next new food safety batches in Bangalore on 4th & 5th November, 2014.

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