Art of choosing IOSH VS NEBOSH VS Lead Auditor Courses

The tremendous growth of technology in the 21st century not only shows infinite development but also create ambiguity in selection of right career, right education, right organisation and many more. One of the growth oriented booming sector in India is Health, Safety and Environment through which various employment opportunities born in industry. Owing to the safety of human lives, safety is a predominant factor of any organisation which begins with developing a safety policy to safeguard the employer, the employee the organisation and bring in positive safety culture.

What is IOSH?
IOSH is the oldest organisation in U.K. active since 70 years offer fundamental, unique & basic Level 2 course catering to meet the need of individuals who enter in to HSE career as a safety officer. Any person working in any industry can pursue IOSH Managing safely to follow safe system of work in their core industry. The 3 day duration programme in turn will be helpful to understand the meaning of hazard, risk and estimate the risk, evaluate the risk, record and review the significant findings. IOSH also provides certain level of membership category which is highly reputed and recognized in the corporate world.
What is NEBOSH?
NEBOSH is the examination body in U.K with Scottish Qualification Framework offer various level 2 and level 3 certification. They have many specialized and general certification for HSE on which NEBOSH International General Certificate (NEBOSH IGC) is one of the most desired qualification suitable for corporate and individuals in HSE industry of any sector say mechanical, chemical, electrical, construction, infrastructure, hospitality, facilities management, fire, manufacturing, transportation, environment and others because of its generic curriculum, strong examination strategy with uncompromising standards. After completion of NEBOSH IGC, with adequate experience in HSE sector one can gain Technician membership from IOSH termed as “Tech IOSH” which could be addressed after ones name.

What is Lead auditor course? 
Audit is authenticated to any industry to ensure the system is in place. There are various category of auditing for quality, Safety, Energy, Environment and Food. Lead auditor for safety is covered under British Standards - OHSAS 18001:2007 which is certified by IRCA, U.K.  A person has the responsibility of doing internal and external safety auditing with adequate knowledge & experience in industry with appropriate qualification in HSE like IOSH & NEBOSH should acquire lead auditor qualification. 

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