Food safety and HACCP Course in Chennai

Disease and death rate are increasing every day. Even very recently on 16 July 2013, there happened an incident of food poisoning where 48 students fell ill by the contaminated food and in that 27 children had died at the Dharmashati Gandaman primary school in Bihar, India. The reason was later found the oil used to cook that day food was formerly stored in a container of some pesticide which has caused to toxicant the food oil. Eating that day meal lead to suffer and lose lives of young children from age 4 to 12. Still food safety is in least consideration and with lot of carelessness from the low level catering premises to high level. For example- one more incident of famous international food retail shops McDonald's and KFC in China had faced a new food safety scare on Monday July 22, 2014 when a television channel of Shanghai reported the expired meat of chicken and beef which was supplied to them by a company Husi Food Co., Ltd. Consuming stale meat will lead to food poisoning and may even lead to death. When issues happening around the world on food safety, the government of every nation have also started taking action on the preventive ways of such issues. Qualified food safety professionals and licenses for food safety standards are being encouraged and made mandatory all over the world for food handlers and food business people respectively. In India, NIST is the only provider of CIEH (UK) food safety certifications for food industry people. This is again a great opportunity for food industry professionals to get international certifications like CIEH LEVEL 2 AWARD IN FOOD SAFETY IN CATERING, CIEH LEVEL 2 AWARD IN FOOD SAFETY FOR MANUFACTURING and CIEH LEVEL 2 AWARD IN PRINCIPLES OF HACCP in Chennai, NIST. Anyone directly handling food or playing a supervisory role in catering related business will need to do this certification through which food safety hazards, cleaning, food premises and equipment, cooking, reheating ,temperature, principles of safe food storage, refrigeration, chilling, cold holding  and  hot holding can be known to have a healthy  and safe food. Chefs/food handlers in any food premises should mandatorily hold this certification to keep the organization standards in terms to provide quality food. Unlike in catering service or food  retail shops  where  food will be served immediately in manufacturing level, there will be more need of knowledge on food safety in production method as the food manufactured can be in greater quantity to with stand its freshness and quality till it reaches the consumer’s hand. On every aspect from raw materials to  the finished product, procedure for cleaning, food microbiology, hygienic practices, temperature, sanitizating, types of  hazards,  etc that  are associated with the food manufacturer  should be taken care of. In any manufacturing unit, the food handlers will require the knowledge on these procedures. Nowadays,   certified professionals are preferred and recognized in food industries. This certification CIEH LEVEL 2 AWARD IN FOOD SAFETY FOR MANUFACTURING is suitable for people who work or intend to work in any food manufacturing company. This qualification commensurate food handler’s level of safety need in their work activities inside a food manufacturing premise. HACCP is a documented food safety system that every company has their own HACCP documentation system to control safety as the product is manufactured. This system well fits with the modern techniques and it is totally based on assessing the integral hazards or risks and designing correct preventive control methods for a particular product. Every food business company has their HACCP principles to be maintained. HACCP is for safety any quality food.
This certification CIEHLEVEL 2 AWARD IN PRINCIPLES OF HACCP is a must qualification for any food handler to get through a progressive career growth in food industries. Food safety training in Chennai by NIST is a never miss opportunity to lift your food safety career. Register your seats before August 4th to not miss this opportunity!

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