As an overpowering global demand, NEBOSH IGC is pursued by many professionals of various levels to work in HSE sector. This qualification is proved to be the gateway for better job placements & professional development.  As a mandatory pre-requisite to sustain in standard HSE positions, this certification was highly recognized all over the world. On pursuing this course, one can understand the assessing and controlling risks, investigating incidents and accidents, health and safety management basics, identifying hazards etc. This course covers the common issues and the fundamental safety rules to overcome the hazards which affect all types of organizations. Also, the person who pursues this course can understand his role and obtain awareness on how to deal with health and safety issues in the workplace. The possible risk factors should be analyzed in detail to avoid any misfortune happenings in the organization workplace. Knowing safety measures and practicing it will not only protect yourself but your co-workers and your organization too. Feel safe and be a certified safety professional with NEBOSH certifications. NEBOSH IGC in NIST is a great opportunity for the professionals in progressive view, since NEBOSH IGC also ranks the highest recognized qualification for HSE career. On successful completion of NEBOSH IGC, a professional will be recognized as a Technician Membership (Tech IOSH) and Associate membership (AIIRSM) of the International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM). In any employment sectors, possessing this certification will enable the candidates to effectively discharge workplace health and safety responsibilities effectively. NEBOSH IGC in Kolkata is preferred by most of the safety professionals in east India to reach greater positions in their career and to discover world opportunities. NEBOSH IGC’s new batch in Kolkata is going to start on July 28th, so book your course soon before the registration closes.

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