Celebrate this New Year with NIST

As we neared the end of the year, we are in a special time of celebration and joy of sharing.
The Christmas festival has arrived and soon we are ready to welcome the New Year. On this special day, when people are happy, even a small accident would bring down the whole plan for their celebration. There are some hazards present in the surrounding or even inside the house which could lead to some unfortunate happenings occur.
Everywhere, we can find a lot of decorations made especially with Christmas trees and different types of lights shining all over the places. Any decorations carried out like at houses, organizations, industries and at public places should be arranged in such a way it doesn’t act as or become a hazard.
Christmas trees, crib which is found at each and every house till the end of the December month had likely been one of the major causes for accidents.

According to the record, about 80,000 accidents happen every year on Christmas season. Short circuit, the fire caught from candle lights, burns, shocks, and electrocution are the major cause of accidents which had devastated the celebration time of the year-end.
Simple safety precautions can stop your New Year day being ruined.
The best way to dispose of your tree is having it taken by a community pickup service or by taking it to a recycling center. The next major fire hazards occur with the lighting set and the more number of candles used during Christmas. Candles can be placed in such a way it does not act as a source of ignition for any fire accident.
NIST wishes the colors & the glory of lights of the wonderful decoration be filled at your home with happiness and with safety precautions. At this time of best deals and offers, let you show a new path of opportunities and career growth for your friends and relatives this December. Help them to progress in the field of HSE more from this New Year. Refer your beloved ones; share your joy and blessings which can light up a bright start for them.

We are happy to be a part of your safe celebration along with our safety courses offered at this time of year. Wish you a safe, happy & a prosperous new year!!!

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